Google Is Pinging But Not Able To Ping Facebook From The Same System 😲 How ??🤔

So here I come with my new blog, where I’m going to show you the magic behind this 🙃🙃why and how?


Routing Table

When a packet is received, a network device examines the packet and matches it to the routing table entry providing the best match for its destination. To determine out which interface the packet will be sent, routers use routing tables. A routing table lists all networks for which routes are known.


  • They’re used to define a range of IP addresses.


  • Gateway is located at the boundary of a network and manages all data that inflows or outflows from that network.
  • It also stores information about the routing paths of the communicating networks.

OKAY now let’s jump to the practical

First we have to check if the Google and Facebook both are pinging or not ?

google is pinging

Command : ping

facebook is pinging

So this is possible because of the default gateway IP Address which is is added to the routing table. By this IP we can go to any destination or outer world wherever we want to reach.

Now let’s see which rules are added to our routing table

Command : route -n

default gateway IP

So here we can see the default IP address is added to our routing table, that’s why we are able to ping our destination.

Now we delete our default gateway IP which allows us to connect to the outer world

Command : route del -net

default gateway IP is successfully deleted

Now again we have to check the connection whether google and facebook are pinging or not ?

We can check the google nd others of IP address by nslookup command

both are not pinging

In the above picture we can see that both are not pinging because we deleted/removed the default gateway IP from our routing table which help us to connect with the outside world.

Now we add some rules in the routing table for only which can ping Google

Command : route add -net netmask gw

So here I pick the Google IP, netmask and gateway IP and added to my routing table.

Now if we try to ping then we can see the result is —

We are able to ping Google✔️ but not able to ping Facebook🚫.

In this practical I have shown that how networking works and it’s rules and how to add our own rules and can do anything whatever we want.

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